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Welcome to 2020, the Year of the PropTech Revolution!

As we navigate the earliest days of 2020, aXessPoint kicks off our fourth year supporting communities. ‘Property Technology’ ( PropTech ) is on a trajectory that will tremendously impact our industry in 2020, a welcome advance long overdue. For perspective on the world’s adoption of digital innovation, here are some eye-opening facts:

  • Last year, global consumers downloaded 178 billion mobile apps to their smart devices.
  • More than 70% of smartphone users check their device before they do anything else after waking in the morning.
  • Last year, on average 23 billion text messages were sent... daily.

What makes aXessPoint different?

aXessPoint is a revolutionary solution designed in partnership with property management professionals and community residents. Our team logged 8,000 hours in 2019 working face-to-face with property managers resulting in our release of aXessPoint 2.0 packed with features and services that saved each community on average forty labor hours each week freeing them to reinvest those valuable hours into their communities as needed ( and many of our clients simply enjoyed the labor cost savings! ).

How do we deliver this value to our client communities? We do this in three smart ways.

  1. aXessPoint performs collaborative discovery with each property management company client and community. Our team invests four weeks’ discovery with yours to gain valuable insight into the important nuances and friction points impacting your team’s performance. Our platform is not an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution - we take pride in delivering a customized solution that we continue to fine-tune and support for as long as your communities use our platform.
  2. aXessPoint streamlines and automates manual tasks into one seamless, easy to use platform available on desktop computers and smart devices ( mobile phones, tablets ). Tired of trying to remember which app or software has that file or email you are looking for? Exhausted from switching back and forth between apps? Our platform offers everything your communities need including ( but not limited to ):
    • 'One-to-many' community communications, including email, SMS/Text notifications, payment/rent reminders, water shut-offs, and more. Communities instantly notify each and every owner and resident ( or select groups as needed ) of amenity or utility outages, emergency information, anything the community or residents need to know. aXessPoint improves ‘community reach’ from 13% via website, email, and printed notices to more than 85%!
    • Reservations for community amenities including elevators, outdoor amenities, theater rooms and much more can be requested by residents ( from anywhere they might be! ) reviewed and approved on the platform - all at the touch of a button! Residents can view calendar availability 24/7 and make requests accordingly.
    • Property maintenance management delivers the tools needed to track resident maintenance requests, assign work orders, track work order timelines and urgency, and easily communicate with those residents impacted. Residents are also able to easily submit maintenance requests, effectively crowdsourcing monitoring of the property!
    • Full-service accounting for Residential, Commercial and Mixed-Use properties; our accounting team is based in the United States and has decades of homeowner association and community accounting expertise across thirty major cities. Our accounting services are guaranteed to pass any audit, and that’s just the beginning... Our clients enjoy the highest quality accounting services and products in the property management industry, period. aXessPoint also supports payments right on our platform, making it easy for residents to make payments, resulting in decreased late and missed payments and increased collection speed for delinquent payments.
  3. aXessPoint saves and delivers you valuable time! Time is the most valuable resource on the planet. Our platform automates all of the above, and so much more. We saved our property management clients $150,000 in 2019… that’s a labor savings of two full time employees, or strong reinvestment into critical areas for clients. This time reduces client churn and helps our property management clients scale their operations to better serve new client communities.

aXessPoint places the highest priority on protecting data, utilizing the very latest in end-to-end ( E2EE ) data encryption. With our E2EE, cryptographic keys are safeguarded and prevent your messages, photos, documents and all stored data from falling into the wrong hands.

We’ve all seen it time and again - industry titans fall as technology advances. Early adopters of PropTech will leave the competition behind... aXessPoint would love to meet with your team today and discuss how we can take you to the next level. Please click on the link below to schedule a meeting with our leadership team, or feel free to email me at douglas@axesspoint.net.

Doug Hesley

Book a meeting with me! Click: https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/douglas36