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We make community living
and working easy.

  • Save money, time and labor
  • Establish new revenue streams
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention

Saving your community money
while providing full transparency

  • Stay informed and in control of your community
  • Pull up community-wide information easier and quicker
  • Make better business decisions based on reliable data

What can you do with aXessPoint Board Management Software?

  • Customize permission for data access levels for both managers and residents
  • Automate operational routines and reduce the cost of notice printing significantly
  • Create drag-and-drop board documents, duplicate forms, and share them to your entire staff with a single button for safe keeping instead of repeated printing and scanning
  • Secure your confidential information with our unmatched secure AWS servers

Board Member Portal

Advanced Board Management Software

Join hundreds of estate boards and directors using aXessPoint software solution to access board documents and collaborate with other board member on-the-go from their phones.

Transparency Where It Matters Most

Improve enterprise-wide board governance and staff management experience using aXessPoint's real-time visibility, integrated task-management tools, and collaborative features.

Redefining The Way You Oversee Your Property

Access and review the performance of your entire staff and properties using real-time insights to make effective decisions.
Round-the-clock Analytics

Increasing your productivity
while reducing resident complaints

  • Communicate better and quicker
  • Reach more people with less effort
  • Receive less phone calls, be more productive

Why Property Managers Choose aXessPoint

Easy to use advanced features to ensure critical communication is established between you and your residents.
Efficient time-management tools to automate your daily routines, reduce stress and save you money while you focus on your business.
A secure and stable one-in-all platform for tracking and reporting the progress of your property maintenance issues as well as ensuring prompt updates to your board.
Advanced software solution to help you manage your portfolio; plan and support your activities in real-time while you evaluate your performance.

Work Smarter, Not Harder With aXessPoint Features


Let’s face it! As a property manager, how many times have you had to repeatedly provide answers to the same inquiry you have posted on a piece of paper? aXessPoint improves manager-to-resident communication by 80% using a simple push of a button that allows them to get their notices directly in front of residents within seconds even when residents do not have the application.


Whether you are away at the office or on-the-go, our property management software allows you to add your own contractors, receive electronic maintenance quotes, and handle repairs from any part of the world based on the permissions you set.

Property Analysis And Prompt Reporting

Experience the power of real-time analytics; track and report the progress of your repairs and maintenance projects to the boards at any of your properties. For example, there is a bulb repair and you notice that it takes up to 4 days to acquire the replacement due to its scarcity, you can easily build a case from your application and present to the board why you need to purchase more of the material to save time and reduce cost.

Amenities Requests

While building amenities for tenants are vital, preserving and maintaining them can be a daunting task for property management personnel. With aXessPoint, you wouldn’t need to answer calls in the middle of the night attend to resident issues. Rather, you can grant tenant access to your web portal on your aXessPoint application so they can easily input their amenities requests while you're simultaneously able to update your calendar as to when their request will be fulfilled.

Your Management. Our Technology. Happier Residents.

Benefit Your Bottom Line

Time is money – we streamline numerous day-to-day functions so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Wait Less, Do More

After an initial one-on-one meeting, we’ll get you set up with a customized solution in as little as a few weeks. We’ll even present to your HOA or community board.

Skip the Steep Learning Curve

Our software interface is designed for ease of use by everyone in your community, with an infinite number of users, 10 available languages and one-click functionality.

Service When You Need It

We’re here 24/7 with reliable and highly responsive support.

Digital is Better – Here’s Why.

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of adults have their phones within arms reach 24/7!
2 out of 3 adults access the internet on their mobile phone everyday
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of on-the-ground resident and building data is not being collected for analysis
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