Property Management

  • Save money, time and labour
  • Establish new revenue streams
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention

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aXessPoint improves landlord and tenant communication by 80% using a simple push of a button that allows them to get their notices directly to each other within seconds.

Workflow Management

Optimize and automate typical workflows like preventative and corrective maintenance activities, tenant maintenance requests and all related information via aXessPoint Help Desk.

Bills and Payments

Tenants can view and pay balances in just a few seconds from anywhere and at anytime, no matter where they are in the world.


Post important forms and documents for tenants to review, print and sign.

Analytics and Reporting

Measure, manage, report and analyze data. Experience the power of real-time analytics and get reports on the progress of your repairs and maintenance projects at any of your properties. Business intelligence has never been easier!


More effective time management as tenants can request a meeting and book an inspection or amenities in seconds. Tenants easily submit in-app requests while you're simultaneously able to approve and update your calendar as to show availability.

Unit Profile

Track everything associated with a unit; current and past residents, vehicles, documents etc.

Bulletin Board

Post items for community members to see and respond to. For sale, rent, professional services, wanted etc.

One-Touch Contact

Easily communicate with residents and vendors using our one-touch call or e-mail option.

Maintenance the aXessPoint way

Technology`s impact on real estate has seen an increase in efficiencies and cost savings across asset, property and facilities management.  Maintenance has never been easier as aXessPoint was specifically designed to meet the needs of property managers and their tenants. Whether you're in the office or on-the-go, our property management software allows you to add your own contractors, receive electronic maintenance requests and quotes, and handle repairs from any part of the world based on the permissions you set. You don't need to answer calls in the middle of the night to attend to maintenance issues. Tenants can also log in their maintenance request accompanied with image support and property managers can process and approve with respective maintenance vendors and staff instantly. 

aXessPoint Maintenance

aXP Maintenance has been specifically designed to meet the needs of building managers and their tenants, specifically from a facilities management perspective.

Tenant Requests

Tenants can make help desk requests using a simple intuitive mobile app and web interface.

Real-Time Delivery

As soon as a request is submitted, a push notification and email alert are sent to the designated team member and it appears on their mobile or web dashboard.

Remote Capture

aXessPoint maintenance orders can be captured via the mobile application, which allows for in-the-field text and photo capture of issues and immdiate filing.

Staff Assignment

Management can assign received work orders to one of more staff members who update the status in the system, so stakeholders and tenants are kept fully in the loop.

Request for Quotation

For any work order, management can issue a request for quotation from a wide range of contractors by category or from an authorized list.

On-Site Updates

Using the mobile app and "Inbox" feature, all relevant stakeholders can be kept up to date on work in progress in real time.

Broadcast Notifications

aXessPoint has a push notification and email broadcast facility through which updates can be sent by property managers to all tenants, contractors, management employees or selected individuals by mobile app push or email.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive reporting enabling administrative level users to get information and statistics on all the work requests and KPIs.

Instant Messenger Chat

Optional live chat module for managers to have one-one-one chat with community memebers to answer questions and resolve issues quickly.