Better Communication!

Happier Tenants!

  • Powerful Manager-to-Tenant Communication
  • Simplified Work Order Management
  • One-Touch Amenity Reservations
  • Document Folders
  • Unit Data Management
  • Update Tenant Information...and more!
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We Do Things That Matter

Through the process of customer discovery; interviewing and shadowing property managers for thousands of hours, we identified property manager, resident and board member pain points that inform the basis of the aXessPoint solution.

If you are a property manager that wants to eliminate manual tasks, saving time and money in the process or curious to find out if aXessPoint is a fit, reach out and schedule a call.

Why Choose aXessPoint

  • Easy to use advanced features to ensure critical communication is established between you and your tenants
  • Efficient time-management tools to automate your daily routines, reduce stress and save you money while you focus on your business
  • A secure and stable one-in-all platform for tracking and reporting the progress of your property maintenance issues as well as ensuring prompt updates to Executive Management
  • Advanced software solution to help you manage your portfolio; plan and support your activities in real-time while you evaluate your performance.
Benefit Your Bottom Line

Benefit Your Bottom Line

Time is money – we streamline numerous day-to-day functions so you can focus on the bigger picture.
Skip the Learning Curve

Skip the Learning Curve

ur software interface is designed for ease of use by everyone in your community, with unlimited users and one-click functionality.
Wait Less, Do More

Wait Less, Do More

After an initial one-on-one meeting, we’ll get you set up with a customized solution in as little as a few weeks.
Service When You Need

Service When You Need

We are availabe for onboarding, continuous training and reliable, highly responsive technical support.

YOUR BRAND - Our Robust Engine

White Labeling

aXessPoint offers you an opportunity to generate additional revenue by white labeling, which is where your organization gets use of the aXessPoint software suite with your own branding. Currently for medium- to large-sized portfolio management companies and industry associations. 

White labeling is advantageous as it gives a way to expand your brand, it allows you to leverage seasoned software minds, provide your clients with a turnkey solution, and enjoy high ROIs, completely under your brand.

How It Works

Step 1

Initial consultation and execution of the aXessPoint white labeling licensing agreement.

Step 2

3 - 4 week customization of your very own re-branded software solution.

Step 3

Onboarding and training of your designated trainer(s). Launch preparation. LAUNCH!


What Our Clients Say

We have used aXess Point's software for 2 years in a Honolulu high-rise community with 330 units. It's a highly effective way to disseminate information to everyone quickly. aXess Point helps us easily handle things like announcements, work orders, and contacts -- it is a one-stop hub for our communications. At first, our board thought it was too good to be true, but it makes everyone's job so much easier -- from resident managers to administrators and board members.
We have used aXess Point since 2014 to help our management team better communicate with residents. More than 70 percent of our 331 condominium units in Honolulu have downloaded the app. It’s convenient to immediately send push notifications, including important community notices such as an emergency water shut off or scheduling changes for services like window washing.
"aXessPoint eliminated 350 to 400 resident phone calls a month. 1,000 residents reserving amenities and elevators using the app is winning!"